Now You Can Buy A Bulletproof Blanket Specifically Made For Kids To Use During School Shootings #entornoeconomico

It’s come to this. We’ve now had so many mass shootings that entrepreneurs see space in the market for a bulletproof blanket, made specifically to shield small children from gunfire.

The Bodyguard Blanket, made by a company called ProTecht, is a bulletproof 5/16-inch pad, made from the same materials used by our military, except it’s for kids. They even come in different sizes.

If mass shootings weren’t such an integrated part of our culture, you’d think this was an SNL skit or an Onion article. Kids are being gunned down in their 1st grade classrooms, but what can we do? No we’re not talking about gun laws, just arm your children with these bulletproof shields, you’ll sleep easier at night.

Here are some facts about the blanket, according to the company’s website. The bold statements are direct quotes.

Bodyguard blanket can be easily fastened around a child or adult, and is amazingly lightweight. 

Bulletproof BlanketBodyguard Blanket


When seconds count, Bodyguard blanket can provide a quick, simple solution for maximum protection against a school intruder.

Bulletproof BlanketBodyguard Blanket

Bodyguard blanket can provide protection when used properly in many settings. These include, home, highway (cars and trucks), workplace, shopping center, amusement park, sporting event or any other location where people reside.(Because you should now expect to be shot literally anywhere you go.)

Bulletproof BlanketBodyguard Blanket

It’s important to note that the company isn’t condoning gun violence — they write that as gun law debates continue in Washington, our kids continue to be in danger everyday, thus the creation of the Bodyguard Blanket.

It’s more of a sign that we’ve become so desensitized. We expect school shootings to happen. After Sandy Hook, hearing about shootings and their fatalities is now a matter of measuring it against the grisly murder of twenty 6-year-olds and their teachers. “At least this one wasn’t as bad as Newtown.”

That shouldn’t be our standard. We shouldn’t be used to it.

When our energy and creativity is being channeled in a way to create bulletproof nap mats for tiny children in their elementary school classrooms because it’s a product every child could use, it’s a sign that we’ve given up.

Business Insider

Commentary: I personally do not believe this is the solution, kids should not have to prepare themselves for a shootout at grade school. We should protect our youth the way we protect our government offices and personal, with firearms. Teachers should be trained be train to use a firearm and to put themselves in front of their students. Every grade school campus should have a police officers. We should implemet military defensive strategies to the staff not the kids. There should not a be a Kevlar market for kids, the smallest and least expensive blanket is over $1000. This should not be on a school supply list.


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